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Archery Tag -or- Gel Blasters with Bunkers

For all of the Archery Enthusiasts who also love Dodgeball or Paintball Games, Archery Tag is the game for you at your event!  

Also known as Battle Archery or Combat Archery Tag, play a fun game of tag behind the inflatable bunkers (set up to fit your space!) and strategically plan your win (individual or team) against your opponents. 

Archery tag is best for Teen-Adults for events such as Team Building Activities, Corporate Events, Company Parties, School Events, Sporting Events, Birthday Parties and more! 

Not into Archery?  Check out our Laser Tag with Arena or Bunkers! OR - try the new, extremely popular game GEL BLASTERS with Bunkers!  Made from water, these gel blaster GLOW pods evaporate quickly and do not stain.  With thousands of rounds (90k to be exact for 3 hour events) for your 10-player game, this is great, competitive fun for all ages!   This game is recommended outdoors, or indoor protected spaces.

Our Bunkers for either Gel Blasters or Archery Tag can be used as LED Bunkers - make your event GLOW into the evening with this awesome attraction! (TONS more GLOW options available for even more at your event!)

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