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Aviator Drone Flying Challenge Game

You will LOVE the new Aviator Drone Challenge Carnival Game!

The Aviator Drone Challenge Flight Simulator offers a series of obstacles that allow learn and test your drone aviation skills in order to eventually compete against other aviators.

Level 1 (Beginner Pilot)

Level 2 (Intermediate Pilot)

Level 3 (Advanced Pilot)

Whether you are an experienced Drone Pilot or just want to learn to fly a drone – this game is perfect for your event!  This Drone Flying Challenge is unique, perfect entertainment for any corporate event, school carnivalafter prom events, church events, government and more!

The Aviator Drone Challenge is the world's (and definitely Colorado’s!) first Side-by-Side Drone game chamber or Drone Simulator with auto crash return.  Drone Pilots are given up to 2 minutes to perfect their aviation skills inside drone chamber.  Make it a competition or just Drone Flying Fun for your guests!

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