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Ballistic Swing

The Ballistic Swing Carnival Ride is a chair swing ride that swings in circles – who doesn't love a carnival swing that spins 360 degrees!   

The Ballistic Swing large scale carnival ride is a thrilling fixed chair swing that will make you feel as if you’re soaring through the air until you are almost horizontal with the ground! The Ballistic Carnival Swing Ride will keep the line moving quickly accommodating a surprising 16-24 people at a time and has a really fast pace to this mid-grade classic carnival ride. As always, we provide a trained Airbound Ballistic Swing Carnival Ride attendant to make sure everyone is safe - and we know you will have fun! 

We highly recommend this Ballistic Carnival Spinning Ride for guests at least 42 inches tall at your next school carnival, company picnic, colleges, Festival or any special events.  This Ballistic Swing Chair Ride is perfect for kids, high school events and even college events through adult interactive activities.  This Light up carnival swing ride rental features bright, colorful, vibrant LED lights that will really excite and amaze your guests well into the evening! 

Your guests will GO BALLISTIC at your event!

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