Bungee Trampolines

Airbound is your home for Bungee Trampoline Rentals In Colorado!

AIRBOUND offers Single Bungee Trampolines and Quad Bungee Trampoline Rentals in Colorado!

Bungee Trampolines are a great recreational and sporting attraction for all age groups!  It is the start of all outdoor extreme activities and a makes a great staple piece at any event!  Perfect in Denver, Ft. Collins, Colorado Springs, Front Range or Mountain Areas for Festivals, Fairs, School Events, Fundraisers, Corporate Team Building, Concerts, Carnivals, Outdoor Markets and more great events where FUN is needed!

Our Bungee Trampoline Rentals have real, full-size trampolines to help get you bouncing high in the air! If given the choice side-by-side at any event, any rider would prefer either Airbounds Single Bungee Trampoline or Quad Bungee Ride to any other type of bungee trampoline on the market!  

Are you ready to take the JUMP?  We love our trampolines and we are willing to show it! 🙂


AIRBOUNDAIRBOUND offers (and is known for) “THE QUAD” Bungee Trampoline (Salto), also known as the 4-Way Bungee Trampoline (or “Bungee Trampoline Thing”, Bungee Jumper). Our Quad Bungee Trampolines give our riders a 2X higher, more stable ride than any other bungee trampoline on the market! This ride also helps to move larger crowds through quickly with 4 Jumpers at a time! Anyone is able to do flips and turns within minutes of being in the air!  The Quad requires a 40’ X 40’ space and 35’h clearance.  Power accessibility is needed – please ask for details and options. The weight restrictions for this piece would be 220lbs/per person, per trampoline (4).  


Airbound Single Bungee Trampoline (1)AIRBOUND offers Single Bungee Trampolines – perfect for smaller events, parties and functions! (birthday party rentals, company parties, graduation parties, family reunion entertainment, small gatherings…) This single bungee trampoline gives a great, extreme ride your guests will not expect – even more than most quad bungee trampolines on the market!  This requires a 15’ X 22’ space and 30′ clearance.  No power is needed! The weight restrictions for this piece would be 220lbs.

Please note:  Our prices are not listed on our website due to seasonal rates and/or the best discounts available. Please give us a call to discuss your event and needs! We are always happy to help!  AIRBOUND is only interested in building long-term relationships with our clients with the best possible service, products & results!

AIRBOUNDS’ Bungee Rentals in Colorado today for entertainment at your next party or event!

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