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Inflatable Games

Airbound offers a variety of Inflatable Games that fit perfectly into any event!

At Airbound Colorado, our goal is to make your special event memorable and fun – you know, “special”!  While we LOVE Extreme Outdoor Activities, we also offer a wide variety of Inflatables, Inflatable Challenges, Sport Themed Activities, GIANT Interactive Games and all kinds of Interactive Inflatable Activities to satisfy our clients full event services and experience for every guest, every age!   All accessories are included to play and operate each piece!

Add these fun Giant Inflatable GamesInflatable Sports Games and Inflatable Midway Games to your Carnival Event: school carnival, church carnival, neighborhood event, after prom or corporate function!  

All of our Inflatable Games are HUGE attractions! (avg size is 15x15')

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Inflatable Sport Games

Double Shot Basketball

Pro Kick Soccer Shoot

Chip Shot Golf Shoot

Slap Shot Hockey Shoot

First Down Football Toss

Speed Pitch Baseball

PK Soccer Shoot Game

Inflatable Midway Games

Chucklin' Chickens Toss

Dual Lane Skee Ball

Happy Hoppers Frog Toss

Knock It Off Game

3-in-1 Carnival Midway

Tic Tac Toss

GIANT Inflatable Games

MEGA Cornhole

GIANT Twister

Ask us about more Sport and Game Options!

Do you LOVE sports and games? 

Contact us or visit our Inflatable Activities page for more game ideas and options - something for every guest at your event! (Human Foosball, Soccer Darts and more!)

(Sports Mania pictured - 4 Sport Games in One awesome piece!)

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