Mechanical Bulls

Mechanical Bull Rental In Colorado

AIRBOUND provides your guests with the incredible experience of riding a bucking mechanical bull!  They will feel like they have joined the rodeo when you step into this arena!  You are SURE to get some great laughs and amazing photos of your friends when you rent one of our mechanical bulls!  (Hint: Mechanical Bull Rentals make a great spectator sport!) Add some friendly competition to your event and see who can stay on the bull the longest! (Also try Dueling Mechanical Bull Rides at your event!)

Will you be the one who stays on?? Each ride is controlled by a trained Airbound Operator. This is a ton of fun for guests of any age! Our mechanical bull rentals provide safe, fun rides and have padded flooring to protect anyone who is thrown off.

To rent a mechanical bull in Denver, Ft. Collins, Colorado Springs, Mountain Areas or Front Range ~ or for more information on portable mechanical bull rental, please give Airbound a call today at 970-613-4343.

Please note: Our prices are not listed on our website due to seasonal rates and/or the best discounts available. Please give us a call to discuss your event and needs!