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Add More Guaranteed Showstoppers to Every Event!

Test Your Strength - or - Show Your Strength!

Every event loves attractions that draw crowds!  Guaranteed Showstopping Games that are fun to participate in - and fun to watch!

Test your strength and endurance with these show-stopping pieces!  AIRBOUND offers the ever-popular:

  • BEAT THE BAR Game - How long can you hang?  If you've ever seen this hanging bar in action, you know what a crowd this draws!  This super popular game has been a fun attraction (to use or watch!) to see how long any participant can hold on to the bar without falling off!  No switching grips! Add a prize for anyone who can hang on for 2 minutes – as the timer shows the crowd the countdown!   
  • HI STRIKER Game - Show us your muscles!  This classic carnival attraction shows your strength by hitting the mallet sending the pill up to post to see if you can ring the bell!  Give you your best shot - Ring the Bell - or it will let you know what level you are (what a joker!).  Hi-Striker comes in 10’ or 14’ heights.  

Use at Indoor and Outdoor Events - makes it easy to add to anyting you have planned! More Images Coming Soon!