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Rodeo Roper

Are you a professional Cowboy or Cowgirl who needs practice for your competitions?  OR - does your favorite TV show have you wanting to try your hand at roping the cattle! OR - a Western Theme Event Party - in any case - this RODEO CALF ROPER attraction is for you!!

Show us your Rodeo Roping Skills with this entertaining machine - The Rodeo Roper!  The life-sized calf runs away and the rider on the life-size horse is the only one who can stop it (not really, but for story purposes... it's only a 20' rail/ track).  The calf automatically returns when done for the next rider.  The only work you have to do is ROPE... like a RODEO star!

This Rodeo Calf Roping Game or Lap 'N Tap can provide hours of fun entertainment for the participants and the spectators!  Use for Indoor or Outdoor events. 

No calves are harmed in the FUN of this attraction!

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