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Play In Another World - Collaborative & Immersive VR Experiences

Play In Another World offers a MOBILE Virtual Reality (VR) EXPERIENCES for Event Entertainment! 

Play In Another World offers Collaborative, Immersive, Team-Based Entertainment to include: VR Escape Rooms, Virtual Time Travel, Virtual Haunted Rooms, Virtual Haunted House and Virtual Reality Adventures.  The future in VR Events is here for Corporate Events, Corporate Conventions, Team Building Activities, School After Proms, Private Events and More! 

Our Virtual Reality Experiences are social (not individual or isolated) with up to 5 players in the same virtual and actual space at the same time!  When you play VR in the same physical space, you get a richer more satisfying social experience at your events. Our VR experiences encourage social connections via the technology itself as well as through the types of collaborative activities you participate in within the game.

Don't forget to ask us about all of our VR Game, Arcade, Oculus, Game Consuls and more! (If you do, we will mention it anyways! ;)

We also offer our Rilix Virtual Reality Roller Coaster! Bring the fun Rilix Virtual Coaster is a complete virtual reality roller coaster simulator. This 100% immersive experience offers amazing visual scenarios, vibrations, and wind systems. The Rilix VR Rollercoaster will take you on a thrill ride adventure – without leaving your event – or the ground!

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