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Water Balls | Pool

One word: FUN!  Walk on Water Without Getting Wet!

Great for kids, teens and even adults!  Test your balance, speed, coordination (or lack of it?)! AIRBOUND offers Water Walking Balls with Pool that are extremely popular at any event! Water Walker Balls are a BLAST for everyone - of any age

While "riding" inside of the water balls, you can actually walk or run on the water...with a little practice of course...maybe!  A really great way to practice to have good balance and the trick is to hold onto the sides of the ball, as you lean forward and walk fast or run...or so they say!!  Keep on "riding" and soon you will be" water walking" in no time!

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Water Ball Fun Is For Everyone!

Water Balls come in up to a 25’ X 30’ pool (various sizes available) with 4 to 6 Water Balls used in a pool at a time.  These are like the Hamster balls or Zorb Balls – in water!  They are called many names such as: Water Bubbles, Jumbo Water Balls in Inflatable Pool, Water Zorbing Balls, Splash Balls, Water Walkers, Water Roller, Water Pool Ball, Bubble Ball, Party Rental Denver, Bumper Balls, Water Balls (Filled with Air), Tumble Bubbles, Water Bobbles and Water Walking Balls.  Your guests will see how coordinated they are walking on the water!  These are a great summer hit and never a dull moment to watch! (access to water and power needed).

(Don’t forget about WATER SLIDES!  A great WET addition to any event!)

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