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The Wizzer Ride

Airbounds "The Wizzer" (an Airbound staff favorite!) is the perfect ride for the Kid at Heart (best for older ages - teens through adults) at your events!  Your guests will enjoy this "grown-up" playground ride!  Use your own human (super) power and that of your group to see how fast you can make this ride go!

The Wizzer is powered by up to 4 riders pumping the handles, and it whizzes around in a circle. Your guests will  laugh and scream as they stick to their seat with the G Forces this ride creates – and has spectators wanting to watch the guests trying to walk after they get off the ride!  This ride is FUN all of the way around! (pun intended!)

This carnival ride rental is a huge, exciting attraction for Corporate Events, After Proms, Team Building Events, Conventions and more!

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