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Human Hamster Balls

Life Size Hamster Ball Fun For Everyone!

Climb in one of our HUGE ten foot spheres and run, jump and spin your way to a great party! Giant human hamster balls are always a fun and family friendly party! Commonly called Human Hamster Balls, Zorb Balls  or Human Spheres, paired with one our RACE TRACKS are always a hit at any event – kids and adults!

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AIRBOUND has 3 types of AWESOME Hamster Ball Race Tracks to choose from (what else could make these so cool?)!  This is a great experience for all ages and a fun way to compete against others.  These are especially great for High School After Proms, College Events and Corporate Parties or Corporate Team Building, Schools, Picnics, Festivals, Carnivals, Indoor and Outdoor events. Human Hamster Balls have proven to be the highlight of every party – no matter the age or type of event! Kids and adults climb inside these giant inflatable ZORB BALLS and have a blast as they roll around. (Also known as: Bubble Ball, Zorbies, Zorbing, Land Zorb, Land Roller, Gerbil Balls, Bobbles, Tumble Bubbles, Inflatable Human Hamster Ball Rentals). 

Ask US about our Human Bowling Game for a 4th Human Hamster Ball Option!

Please note:  Our prices are not listed on our website due to seasonal rates and/or the best discounts available. Please give us a call to discuss your event and needs! We are always happy to help!  AIRBOUND is only interested in building long-term relationships with our clients with the best possible service, products & results!

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